Mitchell Dong’s Career

Mitchell Dong has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and over that time has been intimately involved in developing and investing in the energy field. He founded and managed four companies involved with owning and operating hydroelectric and gas fired power plants and hazardous waste facilities. Mitchell Dong is the founder and CIO of Pythagoras Investment Management and Solios Asset Management which runs two energy hedge funds, investing in alternative energy, uranium for nuclear power plants and power trading.

Mohave Sun Power, LLC

Mitchell Dong: Executive Director  |  2009 — Present (1 year)

Mitchell Dong is the Executive Director and co founder of Mohave, which is developing a 340 MW solar trough project about 100 miles south of Las Vegas in Arizona. The Company has an option on 4000 acres of land and is preparing applications for all necessary permits and approvals. It has submitted bids for power purchase agreements (PPA) with utilities and will commence negotiations soon for a PPA. Engineering is underway and the Company will be seeking bids for an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract shortly. Construction is expected to start in 2010 and have a Commercial Operations Date ( COD) of 2013.

Pythagoras Investment Management, LLC
Mitchell Dong: Chief Investment Officer   |  2005 — Present (4 years)

Mitchell Dong is the Chief Investment Officer for this private fund investing in listed and private alternative energy companies, natural resources and infrastructure companies. Under the guidance of Mitchell Dong, Pythagoras also invests in hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate.

Solios Asset Management, LLC
Mitchell Dong: Chief Investment Officer   |  2004 — 2008 and 2009 to present (4 years)

Solios is a privately held company in the investment management industry. Mitchell Dong is the manager of two energy hedge funds. Mr. Dong managed Solios Energy Fund that trades electric power in the US and invests in listed alternative energy companies. Mitchell Dong was also the founder of the Solios Uranium fund, which buys and holds physical uranium suitable for nuclear power plants.

Chronos Asset Management Inc.
Mitchell Dong: President  |  1995 — 2004 (9 years)

Chronos was a privately held company in the Investment Management industry. As president of Chronos Asset Management, Inc, Mitchell Dong played the role of managing a statistical arbitrage trading fund.

FulCircle Recyclers, Inc.
Mitchell Dong: President   |  1991 — 1995 (4 years)

Mitchell Dong was the president of FulCircle Recyclers which was involved in the disposal of fluorescent lighting ballasts, which contain PCBs, and the recycling of metals. While president of the company, Mr. Dong oversaw the development of decontamination and recycling processes in Bronx, NY.

Tellus, Inc.
Mitchell Dong: President   |  1986 — 1991 (5 years)

Mitchell Dong presided over Tellus, a privately held developer of gas-fired, co-generation power plants in the US.

Mitchell Dong: President   |  1980 — 1986 (6 years)

Mitchell Dong acted as a developer, owner and operator of small hydroelectric power plants in the US.

Energy Investment, Inc.
Mitchell Dong: President   |  1973 — 1980 (7 years)

Under the guidance of Mitchell Dong, Energy Investment was an engineering firm specializing in developing energy efficiency and energy conservation programs for building owners and demand side management and demand response programs for electric utilities. Mr. Dong’s company also prepared environmental impact statements.
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