Mitchell L. Dong’s Philanthropy


Mitchell L. Dong directs his family’s philanthropic activities which focus on public health and poverty reduction.

Mitchell L. Dong and Robin Lafoley Dong Professorship of Epidemiology – James Robins

The Dong family endowed the Mitchell L. Dong and Robin Lafoley Dong Professorship of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. James Robins, who has been prolific in the field of epidemiology, was named the Mitchell L. and Robin LaFoley Dong Professor of Epidemiology.

Mitchell L. Dong – Health and Environment

Mitchell was the co-founder of the Harvard Environmental Health Council and is on the Steering Committee of the Kennedy School Environmental Council. Mitchell L. Dong and his wife also support the Nutrition Roundtable and the Harvard AIDS Initiative at the School of Public Health.

Mitchell L. Dong – Poverty Reduction in Africa and Latin America

Mitchell L. Dong and his wife Robin have encouraged their daughters to work on poverty reduction projects in Africa and Latin America. Their daughters’ projects have supported schools, orphanages and after school programs for children in need in the world’s poorest countries.

Mitchell L. Dong –Speaking Engagements

When the opportunity arises, Mitchell L. Dong enthusiastically shares his philanthropic experiences and knowledge with others.

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