Mitchell Dong - Independent Energy Entrepreneur

Mitchell Dong has been an entrepreneur in alternative energy since 1973, when he helped building owners reduce their cost of heating, air conditioning and electricity.  Energy Investment conducted thousands of energy audits of buildings and designed programs which increased energy efficiency.
In 1980, Mitchell started MITEX, Inc., which developed hydroelectric power facilities at existing Federal dams.  MITEX filed for 80 preliminary permits from FERC and received 10 licenses to construct and operate hydropower facilities.  The company built five plants totaling 30 MW and was sold to Sithe Energies, a subsidiary of the Compagnie Generale des Eaux.
Mitchell then developed gas-fired, cogeneration power plants in 1986.  He founded and ran Tellus, Inc., which executed power purchase agreements for over 500 MW of cogeneration projects.  The project was sold to a subsidiary of General Public Utilities.  
In 1991, Mitchell founded FulCircle Ballast Recyclers, in Bronx, NY.  The company disposed of PCB contaminated ballast from fluorescent lighting fixtures. He and his partners developed a process to destroy the PCBs and reclaim copper, aluminum and steel from the small lighting transformers.  The company was sold in 1995 to a publicly traded environmental firm.
In 2004, Mitchell started Pythagoras Investment Management, his family office, which has invested in power plants in China, infrastructure companies in Vietnam and China, solar and hydro power companies, fuel cell and wind companies.
In 2006, Mitchell started Solios Asset Management, which ran two hedge funds.  Solios Power Fund trades financial contracts in electric power markets in the US and Solios Uranium Fund invests in physical uranium for nuclear power plants. 

In 2008, Mitchell started Mohave Sun Power, whose first project is a 340 MW solar thermal power plant in Arizona. The proposed project was put on hold in 2010 due to decreasing power demand from the utility. The project has since been moved to Saudi Arabia, where development has continued on both solar thermal and photovoltaic projects as part of the Kingdom’s 41GW goal by 2032.

Mitchell Dong’s accomplishments include:

  • Private investor in alternative energy technology companies
  • Developer of concentrating solar power (CSP) and solar thermal plants
  • Developer, owner, operator of hydroelectric power plants
  • Developer of gas fired, cogeneration power plants
  • Owner operator of hazardous waste (PCBs) disposal facility
  • Founder of energy efficiency and demand response company
  • Hedge fund manager of statistical arbitrage trading program
  • Hedge fund manager of electricity trading program
  • Hedge fund manager of uranium investment fund
  • Private investor in natural resource and infrastructure companies
  • Private investor in emerging Asian and African markets

Mitchell Dong, along with his family, is also dedicated to philanthropic activities which focus on public health and poverty reduction in Africa and Central America.


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